To Revit or not to Revit?

For the last 10 years or so, the question of whether or not we as an architectural firm should move into Revit or a similar program has been a consistent topic of discussion. Is Autocad or Sketchup sufficient or should we make the jump to Revit? One issue has always been whether our engineers are using the program or not. Until recently, the answer has always been a resounding “no,” however, even today, it is still not a given.  The BIM (Building Information Modeling) programs are clearly the direction we are heading, but for smaller firms, I find that it still is a struggle to make the leap. And now, there’s Archicad, which seems to be gaining momentum and giving Revit a run for its money.  Just as in Hamlet, it is about questioning a decision and what to do. We must continue to ask ourselves regularly when it is time to Revit or not to Revit? (Or whatever BIM program you choose). That … is definitely the question.