The Lone House

While flying to D.C. from Florida, I thought it would be interesting to write a series on the view from above: the lone house, baseball fields, the winding river, manicured land, house developments and large bodies of water.

I always wonder who lives in that house? Vast areas of trees or hills or fields of grass and out of nowhere, a house appears. Typically white for some reason, it calls for attention.

What were the owners thinking? I don’t like people. I like a ton of land. I hope no one can find us. I always think, “How long does it take to get home from work?” and “Where does the mailman drop the mail, at the house or the entry to the driveway?”

Choosing to build a house in the middle of nowhere is like choosing to vacation on a very small island in the middle of the ocean. It must be fun to just get away.

~Barron Schimberg, AIA, LEED AP

The Lone House - Schimberg Architects