Manicured Tracts of Land

There is something very beautiful and architectural about flying over land versus water.

In different parts of the country, the Midwest in particular, tracts of land extend as far as the eye can see, in this incredibly geometric pattern. Each area of land is clearly defined with ’pathways’ or tan colored ‘roads’ creating squares, rectangles and parallelograms.

It resembles a city grid, imagining each ‘road’ as a city block and each square as a community unto itself.

Then, each defined grid shape is a different color. Shades of greens, browns and reds all seemingly related, but separate in their function.

One must consider what grows within those tracts to create the different colors and is it possibly deliberate? The farmers’ ultimate patchwork of art on the world’s largest canvas.

And ultimately, this field of angular shapes represents work, thoughtfulness and care. It is American and it is beautiful.

~Barron Schimberg, AIA, LEED AP

Manicured Tracts of Land - Schimberg Architects