Dreamy at Work

I was asked recently to define my dream job.

I’m sure every architect has a different answer, but for me, the unspoken wish includes a restaurant or retail space, a few floors of offices, and most likely (on the top floors) the perfectly developed and designed residences!  (We then would expect to provide all interior design services for those residences, of course.)

And if we’re really going to get excited, then this dream job will possess a modern, contemporary aesthetic to appeal to the international and sophisticated clientele.

Why is this the dream job?  Because it inherently creates a puzzle and at least, this architect, likes a puzzle.  This edifice created is vertical, horizontal and spatial.  There is fenestration, odors, an exterior veneer and furniture and kitchens and exhaust and interesting lighting to contend with.  Believe it or not, I honestly do dream about these things.

There’s really nothing more an architect can ask for.  Well…maybe a spectacular water view with snow capped  mountains off in the distance.  And…the review of a lifetime after its world renowned unveiling for media and invited guests.  Don’t worry…that will include you.