Colorado Series:
Mix It Up

On a recent trip to Colorado Springs, Patty and I visited one of our residential projects renovating a classic modern home set at the base of Cheyenne Mountain.  While there, we experienced a most amazing climatic transformation over the two days we were in town.  As seen in the photos below, we went from a landscape covered in snow and clouds to beautiful green foliage, Cheyenne Mountain in the background and not a hint of snow or ice anywhere.  This brings up an interesting awareness to appreciate and take advantage of the photographic opportunities the climate provides when documenting our buildings for marketing purposes.  Don’t get stuck taking photos only when the project is complete.  Be patient and take photos at different times of the year in multiple environments.  It will only enhance the success of your project and help to tell your story.

Schimberg architects - residential architecturePhoto taken on Feb. 3 from the front yard (can’t see the mountain)
Photo by Don Jones Photography

Schimberg architects - residential architecturePhoto taken on Feb. 4 from inside the house (there’s the mountain)
Taken with my Droid phone