Chairs Are Not Easy

Just sit on it!

Selecting chairs for a restaurant can be daunting and a little hard to sit through.  There really are questions to answer right from the start:  Do you want a solid back or open?  Do you want to easily wipe crumbs off?  Do you want wood, metal – upholstery?  Do you want to spend $50 or is this a $450 investment per chair?  Do you want a specialty custom fabric or is standard from the manufacturer acceptable?  Do you want the chair to handle a 250lb capacity standard, or more?

So…just sit on it.  Get a sample delivered or even buy one and return it if it doesn’t meet your standards.  Don’t always depend on the picture in the catalogue.  This is one of the most subjective of all room choices, particularly if you don’t stand for standing…

And after all, if the bottom is happy, the rest is usually doing okay!

Chairs Are Not Easy - schimberg architects

Sketches: Matt Choto