Baseball Fields

I once heard that if you’re flying somewhere, the one thing that places oneself in a certain geographic location are baseball fields. They tell you, “You’re in America.”

There are no other places on earth that have as many baseball diamonds, spread out over an entire country, spotting the terrain.

Flying is always a disconnecting experience. You’re in a machine, fairly small if you think about it, compact in nature, hurdling 20-30,000 feet above land, seemingly floating in air with nothing around it. That’s disconnection.

When flying, I find myself searching for comfort. I find myself searching for a connection to a place or to the earth or to a familiar shape. The baseball diamond is that special shape, set in a field of green, red clay and white stripes, the baseball field simply says, “I’m home.”

~Barron Schimberg, AIA, LEED AP

Baseball Fields - Schimberg Architect